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April 10, 2022

Shattered FX’s Top 2022 Design

Shattered FX’s Top 2022 Design

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Shattered FX debuted several new designs in 2022 including the popular necromancer. Beyond their designs, Shattered FX is also set apart by its lifetime warranty. Max interviewed Jared Alcala during Transworld’s...

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Shattered FX debuted several new designs in 2022 including the popular necromancer. Beyond their designs, Shattered FX is also set apart by its lifetime warranty. Max interviewed Jared Alcala during Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions Show 2022 from the show floor. Show Notes:


Philip: Coming up, we'll learn about some of the new masks from Shattered FX and about their lifetime warranty.


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Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Shattered FX debuted several new designs this year, including the popular Necromancer. Beyond their designs, Shattered FX is also set apart by their lifetime warranty. Max interviewed Jared during Transworld this year, and here's Jared to explain more about the company.


Jared: Shattered FX makes premium silicone masks, silicone half masks, and foam props. We've been around for 10 years. We offer 150 different designs, something like that. We have our silicone half masks, which they only cover the front part of your face so they're cooler, they're more comfortable, they're lighter weight, they're cheaper, they're easier to keep your actors in, and you can dress them up with wigs and all that kind of stuff to hide the rest of the mask. Lifetime warranty too, which totally sets us apart from everybody else.


Max: That's what I was going to ask you, what sets you apart? Lifetime warranty!


Jared: Yeah, so we have a lifetime warranty. If your mask rips or tears for any reason whatsoever, we fix it free of charge. It's a pretty good deal.


Max: Well, maybe not to get too much into the nitty-gritty, like what do they do? Call email you?


Jared: Yeah, they just shoot us an email, we'll send them shipping instructions to get it back to us, and then couple weeks later, we'll get it fixed up and sent back to them. So super easy.


Max: That's fantastic and I love the half mask idea, because I do queue line acting myself and I wear the full thing, and in early September that is rough.


Jared: For queue lines, I think the full head's probably your best bet. But when you're doing like inside the haunt, stuff like that, and you don't need a full like 360 everybody sees you from all the angles, the half masks are perfect. I prefer the half mask personally.


Max: And it’s probably a, you know, slightly cheaper option than...


Jared: Yeah, they're roughly half the price, so you get plenty of savings there. Get 2 for one.


Max: and they'll save your actors. I will advocate for the actors here.


Jared: Yeah, a lot of people have issues keeping their actors in the full head masks. I mean, we literally have the conversation like, "oh, I love the mask, but we can't keep actors in them." I'm like, "Well, we have the half masks." You can wear them for a long period of time, and ours have the adjustable lacing in the back too, so if you have a big actor that's wearing it, and then it goes on to a smaller kids head, I mean, you just adjust the lacing and you get the perfect fit. You want it super tight, for whatever reason, you can pull It super tight, if you want it looser, whatever you're feeling.


Max: What's one of the most popular masks that you might have here?


Jared: Well, new for this year we have our Necromancer mask, and everybody's loving that, it's like a skull kind of. We kind of made it based off our Carver mask, it's like Carver's the Big Daddy. It's kind of a spin-off of him. Then we have our Doll Face mask, Oblivion, Death. So, all of those are our hot sellers this year, and new to the catalog.


Max: Now, is there one that maybe is kind of like a personal favorite that maybe is a little like underrated?


Jared:  I love Momo, because it's just such a creepy and versatile mask like we've done so many wacky paint jobs with that. I mean you have that like the classic Momo look, the long hair, and the fly stone. Then we've done a Sleestak version, we've done a Raggedy Ann, we did Jeff the killer, we've done tons of different clowns, I mean it's wild how many different variations of the Momo mask you can do.


Max: No, I actually sent a photo of Momo to a friend, and he said, "don't do that again!" It is creepy, and it looks amazing.


Jared: Thank you. 


Max: So, what's the benefit for you of showing at Transworld?


Jared: We get to have face time with all of our customers that, obviously, we don't get to see all year long. So, we get to reconnect with them, show them what we're working on, get feedback from them with their products, what they're looking for, what sets and scenes and stuff like that they're doing. So it's good to really connect with people. The entire industry in one weekend, I mean, everybody here. We hand out tons of catalogs, advertising, all that good stuff.


Max: So now I have a couple more questions. What was your first Halloween costume?


Jared: I actually got to... what was it? I want to say it was like a Lego or something like that. It's bad I can't remember.


Max: A single Lego?


Jared: Single Lego. I probably had two Lego blocks. I don't know. I've always been into Halloween. I love the time of year, like the smells, the temperature, the climate, like all of that kind of shit. I'm from Pennsylvania, I'm from Lancaster, so it's very Amish, cornfields, all that good stuff. So I just love the time of year, and I've been into Halloween forever.


Max: So, one other question, what is your favorite cookie?


Jared: Chocolate chip.


Max: There we go, going with some of the original.


Jared: Insomnia chocolate chip cookies at 12 o'clock on Washington Ave with a nice glass of milk.


Max: Doing it doing the plug for Insomnia Cookies here in Saint Louis and abroad. Now, after Transworld, what is the best way for people to find out about your product and learn about it?


Jared: We have our website, and we're on Facebook, Instagram, all the social media stuff, just search Shattered FX and you'll find us.


Max: Between clowns, pumpkins, demons, grotesque faces, and everything you have, it all looks amazing, and I wish you the best luck for the rest of the show.


Jared: Thank you, I appreciate it.