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March 30, 2023

Fear Finishes: 916 Productions' Newest Finishes

Fear Finishes: 916 Productions' Newest Finishes

Learn how to rust everything in your haunt with ease! Based in Kingwood, Texas, specializes in faux finishes for your haunt. Today, we’ll learn about their Fear Finish line and new blacklight stain. Support for this episode...

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Learn how to rust everything in your haunt with ease! Based in Kingwood, Texas, 916 Productions specializes in faux finishes for your haunt. Today, we’ll learn about their Fear Finish line and new blacklight stain. Support for this episode comes from Gantom Lighting and Controls. See what you’re missing with a free demo. Subscribe to everything from the Haunted Attraction Network here.


Ryan Glasgow: Hey guys I'm Ryan, co-owner of 916 Productions. We are a production company here at Transworld 2023, and we're showcasing our product lines. We are a faux-finishing product company. So, we sell products that accent your scenes. So, rust, moss, stains, that type stuff, whatever it is to create your grime, your age, your scenes, we sell it. It's one of our main product lines that we sell, and we are kind of the new standard for faux-finishing products, we sell extremely high-quality products, very versatile, with the customer in mind. Our products are geared towards professional haunters, but with the home haunter in mind. So, we priced them accordingly so we don't price out the home haunters because those small guys, that's where we come from, that's kind of our background and so we never want to leave those guys out.

Ryan Glasgow: Our premier product, what we're most known for, is our rust. Fear Finishes our product line, 916 Production is our company, but Fear Finish is the actual product line. So, this is our rust effect, you literally can paint this on any type of media that you can think of: wood, metal, PVC, plastic, or foam, it applies to with a one-coat process. You apply it with a paint, there's a metal additive that you put in paint, you paint it on by hand, you activate it with the blue solution that we sell, and it turns it to rust. So, paint has never been fun to watch drying, except for now. So, that is our rust product. 

Ryan Glasgow: Right behind you, we sell a very one-of-a-kind, so nobody else in the industry has a moss product like this. It is a two-part process, there's a wet and a dry mix, it applies on and it dries like a brick. So, very versatile, you could try to knock it off. So, any scenes with high-traffic areas, it's not going to get destroyed and have to waste money by it falling off. So very versatile. 

Ryan Glasgow: Our rooms over here, we have our stains. So, we have our Stained Effects product lines. We have two different types, our normal stains which create grime, mold, water damage, and dirt. That's our 4 primary colors. They are toxic, which is a green color, nicotine which is yellow, grime is black, and then mildew is brown. So, the walls here are actually painted a very light tan color and then you can see the different variations of color in order to create that aging process. 

Ryan Glasgow: Now, what's cool about this room, hidden in here are UV stains. So, most UV is bright, and vibrant, you're going to see it on your wall, and you can't really do much with the scene other than UV. So, we're going to flip the switch here. This is a UV stain, it's not a paint, it's a UV stain. This is our neon effects. You can build this into a scene, so you can build a clown room, you can build an escape room with hidden messages, you can put it in your entire haunt and have a UV night, have a black light night, and not destroy your scene because it doesn't overbear your normal accenting. So, we'll turn the light back off, and you don't see it. Most haunts are purposeful with their neon, this, you can kind of have that practical solution of creating an event within an event. 

Ryan Glasgow: So, that's our product line for right now. We actually have several in R&D for next year. There are one to three products that we might be coming out and showcasing next year. So, we're kind of excited about that. 2024 is going to kind of be a new era for us, we're going to kind of bust out.

Philip Hernandez: On the rust, can you give me an example of pricing?

Ryan Glasgow: A gallon of our kit, which comes with metal, a metal additive, and you actually mix that in your own paint, which is the versatility. So, typical products have like a gallon mix and you have a gallon. With this, because you mix it in your own gallon, It's 50% more product. So, it's a gallon-and-a-half total yield, to apply it on the wall where it looks very heavy and very well coated, that's going to get about 80 to 90 square feet out of it. If you go thinner, you're, of course, going to lose your rust as well, and that can affect your overall coverage, but your overall look as well. So, to get this look that you see on the walls, about 80 to 90 square feet realistically.

Philip Hernandez: And then what about the stains and the neon stains?

Ryan Glasgow: The two rooms, and this is identical to the room next to us, except this one has the UV built into it. This was done with two kits. So, this is roughly 6 by 48, probably 40 square feet in this room, so roughly, I'd say, 50 square feet of the stains.


Ryan Glasgow

Co-Owner of 916 Productions