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April 16, 2022

Wristbands for your Haunt

Wristbands for your Haunt

Wristband Resources is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of identification wristbands and accessories in the world – and for the past 16 years, Bonnie has been building relationships in the haunted house space. This interview was recorded...

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Wristband Resources is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of identification wristbands and accessories in the world – and for the past 16 years, Bonnie has been building relationships in the haunted house space. This interview was recorded during Transworld, conducted by Max, and features Bonnie Lewis. Show notes:


Philip: Coming up Wristband Resources is one of the largest manufacturers of, well, wristbands, and for the past 16 years, Bonnie has been building relationships in the haunted house space. We'll learn what that means for your haunt in a minute.

From the Haunted Attraction Network, I'm Philip, and this episode is part of our vendor showcase series in partnership with the Haunted Attraction Association.

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Okay, back to Bonnie. This interview was recorded during Transworld, and conducted by Max. So, here's passing it off to Max.

Max: Maximus Christian Brian here on the Transworld show floor, and I get to speak with Bonnie Lewis of the Wristband Resources Incorporated. So what is it?

Bonnie: Well, Wristband Resources is, obviously, a wristband company. We manufacture all kinds of wristbands, Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, silicone, cloth, we also have lanyards, and one of my specialties is working with the haunt, corn maze, and farm industries. And I try to offer products that help with marketing, with entrance, with promos, with specials, or anything else that any of the farms or haunts may need.

Max: So, what makes you different from all the other vendors?

Bonnie: I think two things. One of them is the variety, quality, product industry that we have. And secondly, it's the personal touch that I think I bring to it by being a friend to everybody, and not just a sales rep.

Max: What's the most popular type of product that you offer?

Bonnie: I think the most popular wristband would be our Tyvek. Tyvek is a very strong woven paper that is often referred to as paper, but it's actually kind of a polypropylene plastic material, and it is very inexpensive. We offer a special of $22 a thousand all year round for any of our haunt or farm members, and it is versatile, we can customize it, we can offer stock, there's a variety of colors, and it can be used for marketing and entrance.

Max: Anything new this year?

Bonnie: Not really. I mean, we have all of our regular products, but we're just beginning to get into RFID. We're doing a lot more in barcoding, and then just customizing and coming up with bright colors, bright styles, and the rest of it.

Max: Do you have one that you might think is underrated?

Bonnie: I don't think any of them are underrated, but I think that our cash tag, which is the vinyl wristband that has tear up tabs. You can get them with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 tabs on them, and they're really good for keeping track of inventory. They're very versatile, the problem is they're a little more expensive than others. So, a lot of times people are leery about using them, and I think they probably shouldn't be because the value outweighs the cost.

Max: I think that's amazing.

Bonnie: Which is why when I first talk to someone, I like to get a feel and an idea for how they run their business, what they expect out of it, so that I can make recommendations based on what their needs would be. I have tried to visit a number of haunts and farms through the years so I could get a little bit of an idea about what is actually needed and used.

Max: What is the benefit for you of vending at Transworld?

Bonnie: I think the biggest benefit for me is having a good time and seeing all my friends and making new friends.

Max: You've been seeing everybody and been happy to meet on even new faces like myself, right?

Bonnie: All the time, yes, very much so.

Max: That's awesome. So, why do you think the Transworld show is so important?

Bonnie: I think it's important because it brings people together. They have classes, you can go to a trade show, you can meet with vendors, you can meet with buyers, you can sit and brainstorm and talk, and come up with ideas. Because these people are all willing to share.

Max: Now I do have a couple more questions for you. Do know what your first Halloween costume was?

Bonnie: I think it was a princess.

Max: A princess? Anyone in particular?

Bonnie: Not that I can remember, it was far too many years ago.

Max: Okay. Now, I am also curious to know what is your favorite cookie?

Bonnie: An oatmeal cookie, as long as it doesn't have raisins.

Max: Oatmeal, hold the raisins. That's fantastic. When the show's over, how can people find you and get in contact with you to learn more about wristbands?

Bonnie: They can call me, or they can send me an email at, and I'm trying to scan everybody, and I'll be in contact with everybody that came and talked to me with a welcome email and an offer to help.

Max: Amazing. Check out Wristband Resource, Inc. Bonnie, thank you again.