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April 18, 2022

The First Full-Service Marketing Agency for Haunted Houses

The First Full-Service Marketing Agency for Haunted Houses

Fearworm is the first and largest full-service marketing agency dedicated to haunted houses; Today, we’ll learn about their firm and get a tip for managing your haunt’s social media.

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Fearworm is the first and largest full-service marketing agency dedicated to haunted houses; Today, we’ll learn about their firm and get a tip for managing your haunt’s social media.

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This is part of our vendor showcase series, in partnership with the Haunted Attraction Association; This interview was recorded during Transworld by Scott Swenson and features Tyler Barnett from Fearworm. 


Tyler: We have a rule it's 80/20, 80% of the time we should actually be having fun, starting conversations and engaging with your audiences, and you should only be selling your event 20% of the

 Scott: What makes Fearworm different than everybody else?

Tyler: We're the first and largest full-service marketing agency dedicated to haunted houses. We handle everything, from video production, image creation, logos, websites, to the actual ad placement, social media management. If it's marketing, we do it all, and we have a team. So, we're not a one-man shop, and we're not subcontracting everything out. We have a team of people that work on haunted houses. We're the experts.

Scott: So, you mentioned that you have a wide sort of menu of things that you can offer potential clients and potential buyers, customers, what do most people come to you for?

Tyler: That would be social media ads, Facebook and Instagram. People always want to figure out what's the next thing, what's going on with Facebook ads? How come I can't do this? Or, how come I can't get an ad approved? So social media, the ads part of the paid advertising, that's what most people come to us for. Then creative production, they also come to us for. I think we're a leader when it comes to production of like videos, graphic assets, audio.

Scott: So, every vendor has that product or service that they know they do, but guests haven't, for some reason, bid on yet, I call it the hidden gem. What is the hidden gem that Fearworm can offer, but guests don't seem to quite know about it yet?

Tyler: So, there's two things. This is such a great question. My first answer would be our email marketing. People, I think, underestimate how critical email marketing is to your business, to your event, and our email marketing team is killer. So last year, I think, we averaged like 25% open rate or something on our emails, and it was insane. Then the other thing is like the fun, organic social media management, like the fun social media. If you think about your social page, we have a rule it's 80/ 20, so 80% of the time we should actually be having fun, starting conversations and engaging with your audiences, and you should really only be selling your or pitching your event 20% of the time. It's that 80% that's so critical, and not a lot of people do it right. Laura on our team, she's our creative director, but she's so good that stuff.

I don't really know what to say other than like the thing that they've been able to do with organic social media, I think leads the industry, and would even blow other industries out of the water with what they’re doing.

Scott: That's great. Now, guys, if you're listening that 80/ 20 rule, that was just money in the bank that was just given to you by Fearworm. So, that's perfect information. So now let's talk a little bit about the show itself. What are the benefits of being here at Transworld for you guys?

Tyler: We love Transworld. It's the biggest show we do. We do all of our business for the year here. We're not a mask company, we don't have anything that you can carry with you that we can sell, it's a professional service is what we offer. So, we don't really sign or do much of that on the floor, it comes afterwards. Cause you know, when you're talking to an agency and it's like, "oh, I'm about to like sign onto a big marketing plan that's thousands of dollars." That's like, you have to think about that. But what's really great about being here is we get the meet the right people, the networking here is incredible, not just at the show floor, but like the events afterwards. It's always a no brainer, we always come, we're always having a good time, we get to meet all these awesome people in this industry that are always creating and doing these awesome things. It's so much fun.

Scott: What are the benefits of being a member of HAA to a vendor like Fearworm?

Tyler: Well, for us, it's networking. It's a volunteer organization, which also means something a bit more to me. Meaning that core group of people, like the board members and the members themselves, they're just passionate. They're passionate and they love this industry, and they all have a unified goal of bringing everyone together under a common goal.

 The leadership they're under now are really forward-thinking, I love Spencer, he's such a good dude. I've been an HAA member for years, all the way back to when I was doing a haunted house in Kentucky, I was a haunt member then, and then now with Fearworm being a vendor member. I mean, Fearworm, we want to do good work for good people.

Scott: I've asked every one of my interviews so far today the same silly question, random question, and there obviously is no wrong answer to this. Thinking back through your life, even back to childhood, what is your favorite Halloween costume, or character that you have played, and why does it stick out in your mind?

Tyler: I was born in '87, so being a kid that grew up in the nineties, I think my favorite --I was a Batman comic book nerd-- so Batman was my thing, so I loved being like Batman every year. I did it for like four or five years in a row. I was always Batman, Batman. The Michael Keaton Batman was my Batman at that time. If I was maybe another member of my family, I would have to say there's pictures of me as like a little Eddie Munster, as like a little vampire with like the widow's peak that's painted in and all that. There's that floating around, but for me, it has to be the Batman. That's my favorite costume as a kid, and still like one of my all-time favorite characters.

Scott: So, you're telling us that if we can find the right people and bribe them, we can find pictures of you as Eddie monster is what you're saying?

Tyler: Yes. Yeah, you can find pictures of me as Eddie Munster. Yes.

Scott: We might start a Kickstarter for that. That could be kind of cool. So if people listening who were not able to talk to you at the, on the show floor if they wanted to get in touch with Fearworm, what is the best way to do it?

Tyler: Just go to that's the best way to do it. Fill out the contact form. All of our information's there, you can even find our blogs. Our blogs are extensive. We have portfolios there. Where you can kind of see the inner workings of how we do everything from campaigns to creative productions. But to get in contact with this, just go to

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Scott Swenson

Owner/Creative Director

For over 30 years, Scott Swenson has been a storyteller, bringing stories to life as a writer, director, producer and performer. His work in theme park, consumer events, live theatre and television has given him a broad spectrum of experiences. In 2014, after 21 years with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Scott formed Scott Swenson Creative Development LLC. Since then he has been providing impactful experiences for clients around the world. Whether he is installing shows on cruise ships or creating seasonal festivals for theme parks, writing educational presentations for zoos and museums or directing successful fund raisers, Scott is always finding new ways to tell stories that engage and entertain.