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March 2, 2022

Trends in Silicon Masks with CFX

Trends in Silicon Masks with CFX

If your customers have the same masks as your actors, does that change anything?

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CFX masks started 17 years ago in haunted houses but have since expanded into other markets. And with that perspective, they’re noticing a few things. More people are aware of silicon masks now because of social media and, due to the expansion in eCommerce, they have access to the same materials as haunts. In fact, CFX is extending their annual Transworld sale this year online to give everyone access. Overall, that’s lowering the barriers for people to create characters. And they certainly are. But what does that mean for haunts? We’ll find out. 

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Tabitha BarronProfile Photo

Tabitha Barron

Sales, Social Media & Marketing

I like to consider myself a “Jill of all trades” as I have worked in many fields, and love learning new things. I was born and raised in San Diego, with a passion for the arts and pop culture. Besides CFX, I love and live Halloween and haunted attractions.

From 2006-2013 I was employed at the Haunted Hotel Inc as an actor and then actor manager before moving to the Bay Area in 2014. I am the Operations Director for ScareCo Haunted Attraction which is relocating to the Baton Rouge, LA area in 2021.

At Sea World San Diego I was employed in Park Ops and as a Photographer working through several seasons and through multiple business changes. I helped launched the new Corvette Diner and Gamers Garage with the Cohn Restaurant Group in San Diego as a hostess and "soda jerk" and promoted to Server and team leader during a 4 year employment with the company.

With Premier Business Centers I was employed as an administrative assistant in a shared office space for in house and virtual clients where I learned valuable skills that I applied once I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and I became a Sales Administrative Assistant for Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, CA.