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Benjamin Gagne

Owner of The Thirteenth Hour

Since starting out haunting at the age of 13, Ben was inspired to create the original Thirteenth Hour, a home haunt, that raised thousands of dollars for charity. Today, he has turned a passion into profit and remastered his home haunt into a fully professional haunted house. He brings an expertise in budgeting and communication from his full time career as a Sr. Regional Manager for Amazon and is excited to bring his history and knowledge to the board.

Oct. 16, 2022

Day 46: The Thirteenth Hour in Indianapolis, IN

The Thirteenth Hour in Indianapolis recently transitioned from an outdoor location to a new indoor building. Today, Tyler is on-l…

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April 1, 2022

Show Modes with Benjamin Gagne of The Thirteenth Hour

This new pro-haunter is using his background in logistics to grow his show year after year.

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